Business Centre in Las Palmas, Hotel Santa Catalina

Two words to describe the meeting rooms at the Hotel Santa Catalina are versatility and charm. Anyone who visits Las Palmas on business will understand why the Santa Catalina is the most sought after business centre in Gran Canaria. Government figures frequently request to use these meeting and banquet rooms for State ceremonies as they are truly fascinating architectural and artistic spaces.

The Hotel’s several rooms mix classic elegance with modern technology. The paintings adorning each room are by a prestigious Canarian painter and create an environment with great light and colour. A catering service is also available for your corporate event. The business rooms include a flat-screen monitor, a desk computer, a printer, photocopier, digital telephones, video conference support and ADSL and Wireless internet. If you are in need of a secretary or a translator the hotel will arrange for one, as well as congress attendants and usherettes to allow your reunion to run smoothly.

Most rooms have direct access to the street and the hotel. The biggest room is the Palmera meeting room, with a total capacity of 500 people standing or sitting in a theatre display.

There are three other private rooms, allowing for the arrangement of a banquet or other event, with a maximum capacity of 40 people in the Parque room. These rooms are ideal for a more relaxed reunion for your fellow business partners, catered with a delicious cocktail party or feast.

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