02:31:28 Monday, 6th February 2023

Gran Canaria has become a cosmopolitan island with numerous cultural events throughout the year, including international music, dance, theatre and cinema festivals and the many carnival celebrations. Plus there’s a long list of festive activities and religious feasts taking place all over the island. As the inhabitants of the Canary Islands are deeply devoted to tradition, the origin of some of these fiestas goes back as far as Guanche times.

The majority of these fiestas are associated with the cult of saints, in particular patron saints. Or, in agricultural regions, they mark the end of harvest and are often celebrated with large and colourful processions or fancy-dress parades. Some of them even last from one to three weeks. Besides much entertainment and fun for young and old, these fiestas always offer a full programme of traditional activities, folklore performances, sporting events, such as lucha canaria wrestling and stick fighting competitions, and much more.

With all these fiestas happening around the island, you’d be very unlucky if you didn’t come across at least one or two – especially if you’re visiting in summer. And if you’re looking for a specific fiesta or festival, on this page you’ll be able to find out more about some of the most important and most colourful events and when and where they are happening…