01:04:12 Monday, 26th September 2022

The island’s mountainous terrain, combined with one of the best all-year- round climates in the world, creates ideal conditions for mountain biking and cycling.  These attributes attract many race teams to Gran Canaria for their winter training or bicycle tourists, who bring their own bike with them to explore the natural beauties of the island while practicing their favourite sport.

There are of course several places, where you can rent a bike and do your own bicycle tourism on a broad network of available routes, but there are also many leisure companies providing guided bicycle tours, which often include a picnic lunch in the outing.

Bicycles also offer an excellent means of transport and many tourists use touring bikes to do their shopping or to reach distant places and beaches to escape from the crowds.

However, be aware that, given the nature of the terrain, the steep hills, the narrow and winding roads as well as lots of car traffic, cycling on the island requires intense concentration. Don’t take any unnecessary risks either.