00:17:35 Friday, 2nd December 2022

Located in a setting of incomparable beauty overlooking the Barranco de Fataga, the biggest and most dramatic gorge on the island, you’ll find Mundo Aborigen, a reconstruction of an ancient Canarian village devoted entirely to the Guanche way of life.

This park gives genuine insight into pre-Hispanic culture, with more than 100 human-size figures arranged in lifelike scenes and recorded domestic animal noises in the background to give the whole setting some realism. A marked trail leads through vivid descriptions of everything, from a butcher gutting a goat, a doctor holding a surgery, a farmer sowing a field to a convict being executed with a stone …

To emphasise the most important aspects of Guanche culture, the site also houses a small archaeological museum has also been created on the site. It has been declared a place of historical, social and cultural interest by the local government. 

Opening hours: everyday from 9.00 to 18.00 

Location: Carretera de Fataga, Km 6 – San Bartolomé de Tirajana