08:37:57 Monday, 30th January 2023

There is so much fun to be had on the wonderful island of Gran Canaria, that in many ways you are spoilt for choice! One thing is for sure, this small and extraordinary paradise is packed with leisure pursuits guaranteed to bring you enjoyment, amusement and pleasure. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, there is something for everyone, including many fascinating historical and cultural sites. 

Visitors can hire a car by checking out our low cost car rental site Discount Rent A Car and explore the island’s arid and exotic landscape. Many theme and leisure parks are nestled within this terrain and will suddenly appear out of nowhere. Head straight for them as they promise an adventurous, fun-packed day out!

More than 40 per cent of Gran Canaria’s territory is protected, which means it cannot be developed. As a result, there are lots of great places for walking and hiking, especially on the Caminos Reales (royal roads or pathways). This ancient network of paths has been restored and re-opened for the public to enjoy. Not only can you stroll through them at your leisure, there’s also the chance to appreciate some great views, take beautiful photographs and enjoy the flora and fauna along the way.

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Favourable Atlantic winds, diverse marine life and warm water provide excellent conditions for the practice of all kinds of water sports throughout the year. Many companies, clubs and associations offer visitors the opportunity to try whale watching, sailing, windsurfing, big-game fishing and many other activities. Impressively, Gran Canaria has been home to around 30 world champions in several sailing disciplines and six Olympic Gold medallists... In addition, there have been more than 50 world record-size catches in deep sea fishing achieved off ports on the east and south coast.

Gran Canaria has become a favourite winter training centre for many European sports clubs due to its mild year-round climate. Some of the hotels even provide specialised sports facilities or offer activities including golf, tennis, sailing and windsurfing through professional clubs.

The trade winds and mountainous terrain make Gran Canaria a favourite destination for extreme sportsmen and women – with hang-gliding, climbing and paragliding particularly popular.  So, if you crave an adrenalin rush, you won’t have to look far to locate one of the many companies that offer thrill-seeking activities.

For golf lovers, leisure time is synonymous with playing a few rounds. There is a wealth of lush greens dotted all over the island, many of which overlook the ocean.

Check out our comprehensive list of golf courses here.

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