02:08:45 Monday, 6th February 2023

A narrow road meandering through volcanic valleys leads to the sleepy, little town of Moya, worthwhile visiting for its impressive Neo-Romanesque church, completed in 1957, and also because it’s the birthplace of one of Spain’s most illustrious modernist poets, Tomás Morales.

Located at the edge of the ravine Barranco de Moya, this imposing parish church boasts two towers and in the interior some interesting pieces of sculptures including a 15th century cedar-wood figure of the Virgen de la Candelaria to whom this church is dedicated.

Opposite the church square stands the house where Gran Canaria’s most popular poet, Tomás Morales (1884 - 1921), was born and grew up. In 1976 it was transformed into a cosy house-museum dedicated to the life and work of this poet – a qualified doctor of medicine – exhibiting photographs, manuscripts, first editions, paintings, his Remington typewriter and much more. Today, this museum also organises contemporary art exhibitions.

Moya is also known for one of the most popular cakes of the island, the bizcochos lustrados (sugared sponge cake). Do not leave without having tried them or buying some!