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From the northern end of the district of Playa de las Canteras, you’re within walking distance of the old fishermen’s quarter of La Isleta, situated on a small peninsula.

Built on steep terrain, La Isleta features narrow streets with many street vendors, old small shops, bars and an important Spanish naval base. The centre of this district forms the Plaza Ingeniero Manuel Becerra, a lively square, which is bordered by a lighthouse on one side and by the harbour gate on the other.

On the south shore of the peninsula, near the harbour, you’ll find the Castillo de la Luz, the oldest fortress on the island of Gran Canaria. 

The peninsula of La Isleta is separated from the modern part of Las Palmas by a narrow inlet. It is bordered in the south by the harbour Puerto de la Luz, one of Europe’s most important harbours.

Built originally to provide jobs for the locals, this harbour has become the main container transhipment harbour of the North African region. It has also played a vital role in the prosperity of the island of Gran Canaria. Today, about 1,000 ships a month use this harbour.

Adjoining the harbour in the south is a yacht marina from where annual international Atlantic-crossing regattas set out.

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Our tip:
If you explore La Isleta to the north you will reach Las Coloradas, at 239 metres the city’s highest peak, from which you can enjoy a fantastic view of the sea, the mountains and the city.