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A true oasis in the bustling city of Las Palmas, Ciudad Jardín was established by British residents who dominated the economic life of the region during the late 19th century. In this part of town, you will find many embassies and elegant residential houses set in small gardens, displaying various architectural styles.

The main feature of this district is the large Parque Doramas, a beautifully- landscaped park with water features, interesting statues, a municipal swimming pool and numerous examples of endemic flowers and plants. A monument depicting aboriginal people tumbling over a precipice to escape capture, symbolises resistance of the Guanche chief Doramas, after whom this park was named. On Sundays it’s a popular destination for families as there’s a free show, typically clowns or puppets.

Amid the lush sub-tropical greenery of this park stands the grand Hotel Santa Catalina, which was originally built in 1890 and most recently renovated in 2005. Many celebrities and members of royalty such as Winston Churchill, Agatha Christie and Prince Charles have stayed in this outstanding hotel but visitors can also enjoy the beautiful views of the park from its bar. We thoroughly recommend staying at this luxurious 5-star establishment, which you will find in the hotel pages of our guide. There are also alternative options in other areas of the city including AC Hotel Gan Canaria and Hotel Cristina Las Palmas.


Also enclosed in the Parque Doramas are the Pueblo Canario (Canarian Village) and the Museo Néstor

Opposite the Parque  Doramas area you will find some of the city’s important water sports centres including the Club Natación Metropole, a swimming and sports club. An underpass leads below Avenida Marítima to the Muelle Deportivo, the yacht harbour, which has a new seaside promenade. There are also bars, restaurants and a nightclub, making this a pleasant area to relax and soak up the atmosphere.

Adjoining the harbour is Playa de las Alcaravaneras, a 550 metre stretch of golden sand frequented mainly by locals, flanked in the south by the Varadero Sailing Club and to the north by the chic Real Club Náutico (Royal Sailing Club), where you’re always guaranteed to spot some glamorous ocean-going yachts.

Santa Catalina
Playa de Las Canteras
Jardín Botánico