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Due to its freshwater supplies and fertile lands, Santa Brígida became one of the first municipalities to be colonized following the conquest by the Castilians.

Located at 500 m above sea level, this pretty little town – full name Villa de Santa Brígida - with picturesque narrow streets lined with eucalyptus and flowery balconies is the most exclusive residential area in the proximity of Las Palmas, with many stately villas in various architectural styles. Around the turn of the century many well-off British residents had their summerhouses here to enjoy the cooler climate and the fresh air, and it is still a favourite place for a day out for locals living in the city of Las Palmas.

In the old centre stands the parish church Iglesia de Santa Brígida, a triple-nave Gothic basilica. The third and present church was rebuilt in 1904 on the original site of a chapel from 1524. Due to the growth of the population, in 1697 this chapel was replaced by a church, which was almost completely destroyed by a fire in 1897 and of which only the tower, built in 1756, remains.

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