21:06:35 Tuesday, 7th February 2023

There is much to see in the central parts of Gran Canaria. Spain-Grancanaria has selected some of the most attractive little towns, villages and places of interest to point you in the right direction.

The Botanical Garden (Jardín Botánico Viera y Clavijo) just on the outskirts of Las Palmas, is well worth a visit. Here you will be able to stroll through a collection of beautiful plants, endemic to the Canaries and marvel at the variety of cacti and colourful flowers. Tafira, an upmarket neighbourhood just outside of Las Palmas, is home to many wealthy residents who live in large, expensive houses. There is definitely a sense of the ‘rich and famous’ living in this area which also has a good selection of bars and restaurants. 

A few kilometres away from the Botanical Garden you can visit the Caldera de Bandama, a dormant volcano 569 metres (1,867 ft) high. Drive up to the edge of its crater, where you can enjoy stunning views.

Jardín Botánico

Santa Brígida is a lovely, peaceful village with a lot of charming Canarian architecture. During your visit, check out The House of Wine (Casa del Vino) where you can taste all the different wines the island has to offer. 

Vega de San Mateo, commonly abridged to San Mateo, is close by and from this location, you have great views of the mountains and can make your way further to Pico de las Nieves, which is the highest point of Gran Canaria. Near the summit there are excellent vantage points for awe-inspiring vistas and photography.

Located in this central mountainous area is Tejeda, a popular destination, particularly on weekends. People come here to enjoy hiking and the picture-perfect panorama.
Also in the centre is Artenara, the highest village in Gran Canaria. The views are worth many pictures as well as the village itself with many of the buildings actually built into the cliff face. This attractive little rural community oozes Canarian character and should be explored if you find yourself in this part of the island. 

From nature trails, romantic gardens and spectacular landscapes to lovely villages with gastronomical surprises to be discovered, the centre of the island will surely be one of the highlights during your holiday!

Pico de las Nieves
Caldera de Bandama
Rock Climbing