13:40:13 Sunday, 1st August 2021

Get ready to be amazed, it’s a magical carnival, and like all good things, it begins with ‘Once Upon a Time.’ Yep, this is this years theme where fairy tales, legends and fables from all over the world merge in a magnificent event that will dazzle, entertain and captivate you.

Who can resist the most significant winter event of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria event diary? The festivities commence on the 7th of February and continue to the 1st of March, and it is three weeks of no-stop solid entertainment with parades, processions, street entertainment, music, dancing, Drag Queen Gala’s, horses, children's pageants and a whole lot more!

It’s an action-packed programme and here are some of the highlights:

12th of February and festivities get going with the Adult Costume Competition that starts at 21:00.

Vegueta celebrates Carnival day on the 15th

Dog lovers get together to celebrate the canine carnival at noon on the 16th. The Children’s Parade follows this at 19:00.

On the 21st it’s the turn of the Carnival Queen with a special gala kicking off at 21:00.

While on Saturday the 22nd you have the Daytime Carnival in Triana at midday which is followed by the Carnival in the Sun at 17:00 and the Drag Queen pre-selection event at 21:00.

Innocence, laughter and brightly coloured costumes abound on the 23rd as the Children’s procession lights up everyone’s hearts at 17:00.

Monday the 24th is a big day as the Traditional Carnival Procession starts at 19:00, followed by the very eclectic Drag Queen Gala at 21:00.

Carnival Tuesday on the 25th has Santa Catalina hosting the Daytime Carnival from noon.

No one is going to want to miss the Body Make-up competition on the 28th at 21:00.

And if that is enough, the Main Carnival Parade takes place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at 18:00 on the 29th after which Carnival night will explode into action.

On the 1st of March, the ‘Burial of the Sardine’ takes place, bringing an end to the festivities with a mock funeral procession and the burning of a very large sardine.

It’s fun, it’s popular and an unmissable event – It’s Carnival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria