03:45:55 Monday, 6th February 2023

Gran Canaria is often described as the 'island of eternal spring'. That is quite true. Gran Canaria is a year round destination and you can really come at any time without disappointment.

Of course during winter it does get a little cooler, but compared to central and northern Europe it is still pure paradise. Inevitably, the warm winter does tend to draw the bulk of tourists and December to February can definitely be considered 'high season'. 

Not quite so busy, but certainly also a high season are the months between May and October. The cool sea breezes can be very refreshing compared to the 'scorchers' associated with mainland Spain. Click here to see the average annual temperatures.

Air fares are most attractive between November and mid December, also from March to May with the exception of Easter which is very popular indeed. Flights prices throughout August can also be more expensive because of the school holidays.

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