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A wide selection of clinics and hospitals offer high-quality medical care, both private and national. The people from Gran Canaria are very health conscious indeed.

The Canary Islands are not renowned (thankfully) for any particular diseases and the worst you can get is a hangover from too much partying. It’s very important to be aware of the risks from sunburn, dehydration or insect bites.

Many people visit Gran Canaria for its celebrated therapeutic value.  It’s especially popular with residents of European countries with colder weather that visit looking for relief from ailments such as arthritis and MS. People with mobility problems should always check they have booked accommodation in the flatter parts of the island. 

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Medical insurance is strongly advised, even though EU citizens who hold an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) are entitled to basic national healthcare as received by local residents. You can apply for this online: https://www.ehic.org.uk/Internet/home.do

There are many English-speaking doctors and dentists. Your hotel will always be able to recommend one. Visitors to the south would be well advised, however, to contact the British Medical Clinic in Puerto Rico (+34 928 560 016). As well as offering private medical services, they offer translations of any tests you may have taken at a Spanish surgery or hospital.

The local chemists (farmacias), recognisable by a green cross sign, will have just about anything you may require and there is always one open after hours in each area. The location of the duty chemist is indicated on every chemist’s door.

There are two main hospitals in Las Palmas. You’ll find the older Hospital Insular on the Avenida Marítima del Sur, just as you leave Las Palmas heading in the direction of the airport and the south. There’s also the newer Hospital Doctor Negrin, located closer to the Canteras beach. Elsewhere, Calle León y Castillo 231 houses the main Red Cross centre.

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